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Where your Cat can holiday in a Castle !!!

Our Cat Kennels:


Where your Cat Holidays in a Castle

Ever imagined your cat staying in a castle? When your precious  puss stays at Camelot, that's exactly where they will holiday. Our now iconic 'Castle Cattery' has been built with your felines comfort in mind. The rooms in our indoor cattery overlook into a large central atrium with lots of natural sunlight coming through into the kennels.
They also feature 3/4 to full height solid dividers for privacy from other guests staying with us. We cater for families with rooms large enough to cater for upto 4 cats from the same family.


Because what you eat is important

We cater meals with a large veriety of foods available. Our wet food selection inludes quality raw meats and a variety of the popular brand tins and sashets. For dry food we carry the brands Whiskers, Optimum, Supercoat, Advance, Blackhawk and Ivory Coat Grain-free Hypoallergenic. Several of these brands are  available in furball formula.
If your cat requires a special or veterinary diet, you are more then welcolme to bring it in for your cat.

More about our Cat Kennels:

About our Cattery:

The castle houses luxury indoor accommodation for our feline friends and is located away from the dog kennels, providing a tranquil setting for cats to enjoy their holiday.

Over looking into a large natural lit tropical atrium your feline friend will enjoy an individual cat kennel with 3/4- full height solid dividers between between each room provides privacy from the other cats giving confidence to even the most timid cat.

Double kennels are available for customers with 2 or more cats from the same family with an extra large room available for customers with upto 4 cats,*

 For comfort every cat is provided with a basket and cushion as well as carpet square for on their bed area, however we encourage customers to bring in a blacket or favourite bedding from home as well as toys or a small scratching post to help them to settle in as quickly and easily as possible.

*Please book early to avoid dissapointment when booking. Priority will be given to customers with 3-4 pets for our extra large double kennel.

Vaccination and Boarding Requirements:

All cats boarding at Camelot are required to be sterilised (de-sexed).

They must also be currently vaccinated for a minimum F3 vaccination. (As we don't mix cats we do not require an f5, however do reccomend it for cats who normally go outside at home.)

The vaccinations must be current in the last 12 months. Please note that there are immunity periods that do apply if needled do need to be done.

Please contact us for further information as if vaccinations are not correct, your pet may be ineligable to board with us.


Every Cat is unique and an individual, just like people. so we offer a large veriety of both wet and dry foods. We believe in feeding a variety of good quality products including:

  • Blackhawk (Australian made and owned)
  • Ivory Coat Hypoallergenic Grain free Cat biscuits (Australian made and owned using Australian priduce)
  • Advance Dry food
  • Optimum Dry Food
  • Whiskers wet and dry food
  • Fussy Cat Grain Free
  • Supercoat Biscuits
  • Raw Premium quality beef pet mince from Rumps Gourmet Butchery in Meadow Springs
  • Catchet Wet and dry
  • Dine (Some verieties)
  • Fancy Feast (some verieties)

If your cat is on a special vetinery diet or you something we don't supply you are more then welcome to supply their food.