Dog Kennels

Your Dogs farm stay accomodation

Dog Kennels:


Your dogs holiday suite

Dogs have their own private brick inside kennel, complete with bed and water bucket. They are free to wander from their inside room to their own outside run all day. The door to the outside run is closed at night for the comfort and warmth of your beloved pets.
Dogs from the same family can share a double kennel.

Excercise Yards

Play time or a relaxing walk looking out at the ocean? It's up to your pet.

Be rest assured while your dog stays with us they will have plenty of time to run around in our large grassed yards, or laze around in the sun under a shady tree.
For safety pets are not mixed in our yards so you can be garenteed that your dog will not be attacked by an over zealous dog.


Because what you eat is important

Here at Camelot We only feed good quality food. Tuckertime rolls, raw meat, and a variety of buscuits from Advanced Pet Care, Optimum and Supercoat. We even stock a variety of tins for the fussiest pooch. 
Got sensitivities? No problem! We also carry a range of Ivory Coat Hypoallergenic biscuits.*(Small surcharge applies for Ivory Coat) 


Does your pet require tablets or medications?

Many pets have ongoing medical issues and often require medications and special care. Lillian origionally trained and worked as a vet nurse and has passed her knoweldge and expertise to everyone at Camelot.  Go away on holiday with your mind at ease that your pampered pet will recieve the care required.
We also have a vet on call 24hours a day if veterinary attention is required.

More about our Dog Kennels:

About our Kennels:

Our individual kennels feature a large inside room set in a brick complex, with their own outside runs situated high on the hill overlooking the ocean and property. Our kennels have been designed to make the most of our environment by enjoying the fresh summer sea breeze, while being nicely insulated from the elements of winter by using a brick construction.

Our large double kennels can accommodate 2 -3 dogs from the same family. For your pets comfort we supply a trampoline or wooden bed but recommend you bring in their favourite blackets or bed from home or a few of their toys to make their stay with us even more comfortable. 

With three large grassed excercise yards, your furbaby will get plenty of outside play time going out at least 3 times a day individually.

With Camelot's strict no mixing policy owners can be rest assured that their pet will not become involved in a pack fight. Dogs from the same family will be kept together at all times unless otherwise asked. 

Vaccination Requirements:

All dogs are required to be currently vaccinated for a minimum C5 vaccination. This includes the basic C3 plus 2 kennel coughs (Parainfluenza and Bordetella). The vaccinations must be current in the last 12 months. We do accept dogs with a current Titre test. However please note that kennel cough still needs to be done every 12 months, and immunity periods do apply if vaccinations need to be done.

Please contact us for further information as if vaccinations are not correct, your pet may be ineligable to board with us.

A vet certificate must be provided prior to check in.


Every dog is unique and individual, and just like us they don't all like the same foods. So at Camelot we offer a veriety of both wet and dry foods. We believe in feeding a variety of good quality Australian made and owned Products including:

  • Tuckertime dog rolls
  • Premium raw pet beef mince from Rumps Gourmet Butchery in Meadow Springs
  • Biscuits including High Energy (high protien for puppies and active dogs) and Krunchies (Chicken and Corn, Wheat free) from locally made and owned Advanced Pet Care in Navel Base.
  • Supercoat and Optimum biscuits
  • Ivory Coat Hypoallergenic Grain free Biscuits available in variety of flavours. Made and owned in Australia using Australian produce this provides dogs with sensitivities an excellent food option while holidaying with us, saving you the time and hassle of having to organise  all of the food required for your dogs holiday. Please note that there is a small surcharge for Ivory Coat. Please ask one of our friendly staff for more information.

Ofcourse if you would prefer to bring your dogs food in, or your pooch has a special diet you are more then welcolme to supply it.

Medical issues and Medications:

Leaving a pet that has an ongoing medical issue or requires medication can be stressful! We can take that stress away. Lillian who trained as a vet nurse and Steve who worked as a Medic have passed their knowledge and expertise on to the whole team, so you can be rest assured that your dog will recieve the care and attention that they need. We are experienced at administering injections, tablets, oral liquids as well as ear drops and creams, as well as monitoring pets recovering from surgeries. We have local vets on call 24 hours a day if required, so you can go on holiday without the stress and worry of if your pet will be ok.