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Camelot Pet Resort Terms and Conditions



(i) Authorise Camelot Pet Resort to obtain veterinary services required for treatment at anytime considered necessary for the well being of my pet/s; and further agree to pay all such costs associated with the treatment.

(ii) I understand the kennel hours are from 8am -12 noon (or 3.30 – 5pm by arrangement for collection) Monday – Friday, Saturday 8am -12noon and Sunday 3.30 – 5pm (by arrangement). I will pay per calendar day. Failing to conform to kennel hours will make me ineligible for boarding again at Camelot Pet Resort.

(iii) To pay the charge per day from the date admitted to, and including the discharge date. During school holidays and long-weekends there will be no refunds for cancellations or early checkouts and I will pay for the days that I have booked. All deposits are non-refundable.

(iv) Not to hold Camelot Pet Resort responsible for loss, death, illness contracted or accident to my pet/s while in the care of Camelot Pet Resort.

(v) A deposit as set by Camelot Pet Resort is payable for each animal booked. Refunds will only be available if the kennel/s is rebooked. An administration fee of $20.00 will be deducted from the returned deposit.


1. All animals boarded or cared for by Camelot Pet Resort are accepted on the following terms and conditions.

2. Animals are to be 6 months old or over and to be fully vaccinated. No animals will be accepted without a vaccination certificate from a veterinary surgeon.

3. If the animal requires veterinary attention the owners are liable for all costs and out of pocket expenses. In the event of serious illness or accident and the owner cannot be contacted the veterinary surgeons decision relation to the treatment of the animal will be final.

4. Animals not collected within 14 days of the specified date will be disposed of at the discretion of Camelot Pet Resort. All monies owing, including boarding fees and costs relating to the disposal, are payable by the owner immediately upon receipt of an invoice from Camelot Pet Resort.

5. Should the customer default in the payment of any monies under this agreement then all monies due to Camelot Pet Resort shall immediately become due and payable and should be paid by the customer within seven (7) days of the date of demand and Camelot Pet Resort shall be entitled to charge interest at a rate of 15 per centum per annum on all overdue accounts from the due date until the date of actual payment.

6. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Camelot Pet Resort in recovering or attempting to recover any outstanding monies including Debt Collection Agency fees and solicitors costs shall be paid by the customer, providing that those fees do not exceed the scale of charges as charged by the Debt Collection Agency/Solicitor and in any event the commission is not to exceed 18 per Centum of the debt value, plus out of pocket expenses.

7. The balance of the boarding fees must be paid when the animal/s is checked into Camelot Pet Resort.

8. Camelot Pet Resort reserves the right to refuse any animal and no reason shall be given.

9. Boarding rates are charged on a per calendar day basis irrespective of the time of admission or departure and does not include bathing, grooming or other additional services.

10. The owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding in effect on the day that the animal is checked into Camelot Pet Resort (as advised when booking is made).

11. The fully booked period will be charged during school holidays and long-weekends.

12. The owner agrees to pay all costs and charges for special service requests and all veterinary costs for the animal during the time the said animal is in the care of Camelot Pet Resort.

13. The owner agrees to be solely responsible for any and all things done by the animal howsoever resulting while the animal is in the care of Camelot Pet Resort including acts or things done while the animal is under direct supervision of Camelot Pet Resort of Camelot Pet Resort or a member of Camelot Pet Resorts staff or a subcontractor or any other person engaged by Camelot Pet Resort. The owner will pay to Camelot Pet Resort all expenses of and for liability occurred by Camelot Pet Resort by reason of the animals nature, temperament, behaviour or actions while in the care of Camelot Pet Resort including any cost and expense arising out of financial liability resulting from the behaviour of the animal.

14. The owner specifically represents that h/she is the sole owner of the animal free of liens and encumbrances.

15. All charges incurred by the owner must be paid for before the animal leaves Camelot Pet Resort or its agency.

16. The owner releases Camelot Pet Resort and its employees or agents from all liability for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal in the care of or staying at Camelot Pet Resort facility including death, loss or damage while under the supervision of Camelot Pet Resort, its staff, agents or subcontractors.

17. By signing these conditions contract and leaving his/her animal with Camelot Pet Resort the owner warrants the accuracy of all information given about the animal. The owner acknowledges that the signing of this contract shall create a lien over the animal in favour of Camelot Pet Resort which lien shall continue to exist whilst ever monies owe pursuant to the contract.

I acknowledge I have read the above conditions of contract of boarding my animal/s with Camelot Pet Resort and the terms and conditions set out above on the face of this document apply and will regulate my contract for the care of my animal by Camelot Pet Resort and that all the terms of my contract with Camelot Pet Resort are set out in this contract and I cannot rely on any earlier contract or any statement made in negotiations leading into entering into this contract.